Ang Buhay Ko (Si Kristo)

August 3, 2016

Ang Buhay Ko (Si Kristo)

(Adaptation: Ang Buhay Ko by Asin)



Mula ng makilala ko ang dating daan

Ang buhay kong walang saysay,

Walang kahulugan

Ang mga gawaing di makatuwiran

Sa aral ng Dios Ama, ako ngayon ay




Sa bautismo sa tubig ako ay nalinis

Simula ng bukas kay Kristo ako’y  lalakip

Ang ilaw na maghahatid doon sa langit

Nawa Ama maawa ka huwag akong mawawaglit.




Kay Kristo ang buhay na aking tinataglay

Siya rin ang dahilan kung ba’t ako nagtitibay.

Kay Kristo ang buhay na aking tinataglay

Siya rin ang dahilan kung ba’t ako nagtitibay.




Kaya ngayon ako’y narito upang ipaalam

Na hindi ako nagkamali  sa aking daan

Gantimpalang paraiso ang aking hangad

Kasama ang Ama at lahat ng mga banal.


Repeat Chorus 2X




Repeat Chorus

Repeat Phrase I




Ang Dating Daan

August 3, 2016

Ang Dating Daan

(adaptation of Pagbabalik by Asin)


Sa gitna ng dilim,

Kami ay nakatanaw

Ng ilaw na kay tanglaw

Dating Daan, nakita.



Ang turo’y dalisay

Walang paimbabaw

Tapat Mangangaral

Sa ami’y umaakay.

Salamat oh Ama

Sa awa’t tulong Mo
Mata namin ay namulat

‘Katwirang ikaliligtas


Samahan nawa kami

Sa aming paglakad

Marating Paraiso

Kay Kristo.



Ang samo ng puso

Ingatan mga Sugo

Hanggang sa pagbalik

Ni Hesus na dakila


Ang aming pangako
Hanggang kamatayan
Kami ay pasasakop
Sa Sugong Mangangaral.

Repeat KORO 2X





August 3, 2016

This adaptation of Balita by Asin is dedicated to Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon. Salamat po sa Dios sa pagbibigay Niya ng mga tapat na mangangaral sa aming kalagitnaan.



Lapit mga kaibigan at makinig kayo

Sa mga Sugong may dalang balita galing kay Kristo
Katwiran na ikaliligtas, dalisay at totoo

Na marapat tanggapin ng lahat na  mga tao.



Mga Sugong mangangaral di nag-iimbot

Yaman, lakas, pati buhay di ipagdadamot

Mga sisidlang pili ng Dios, tagapagtanggol ng turo

Walang takot, di padadaig sa mga kaaway ng Dios .


Mula ng tinanggap ko ang mga sugo

Si Kristo ay nakita ng  isip at  puso

Natitik ang  Kaniyang aral, mga utos sinunod

Ngayon ang puso ay umaasa sa awa at tulong ng Dios.


Repeat Koro

Dati-rati ang buhay ko  pawang anino

Mga gawa ay masasama, hindi humihinto

Dati-rati kaibigan ko lahat ng bisyo,

Magulong tao, palalo,  walang pag-asa sa mundo.



Ngayon nga’y nagbago ang katauhang ito

Isang bagong nilalang nabuo dito sa puso ko

Pagibig sa Dios natutunan, pati ng sa kaaway

Dahil sa mga tapat na alipin ng Dios nakilala ko.



Duul mga kaigsuunan nugpaminaw kamo (Hiligaynon)

Mga mensahero nga nagdala sa balita gikan kang Cristo (Cebuano)

Tungod niana nga hinungdan, putli ug matuod  (Cebuano) –

Aron dawaton sa tanan nga mga katawhan. (Cebuano)







Mr. Controversy says “The Truth is Something Simple Meant for Simple Minds”

May 3, 2016

Another sensitive, full of Biblical wisdom blog from no other than Mr. Controversy is up there to teach us that “simple truth is meant for simple mind”.

There is simple truth, and there is complicated one. Simple truth need not to expound more unlike complicated ones. Lord Jesus is teaching us simple truth when he said “And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.” For simple mind, we can easily grasp this, strictly, we shall not call any man “father” in spiritual sense.

Priests are spiritually-concerned people, men on earth, and still upon reading and investigating the Bible for many decades, they have not understand the simple truth forbade by Christ.

We are lucky to have Mr. Controversy. Thanks be to God for that.



Catholic Member, Self-proclaimed Greek Linguist: Real or Geek?

May 28, 2015

I thank God on this.

The more they pull the string and accuse Bro. Eli of no-basis- language illiteracy, this time it seems it turns around, the real ignorant in language of Greek reveals. Thanks to internet!

In one of many post of Bro. Eli Soriano in his blogsite, he once more refuted the Catholic teaching of calling the head of their church “pope” or “father”, which Biblically contradicts Christ’s teaching as written in,


And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.




According to Bro. Eli, the Roman Catholic Church authorities used the other English version of the Bible to suffice their false doctrines, despising the prohibition of using other English version. The phrase they referred as basis of their doctrine is “I became your father” wherein the Catholic Bible is translated as “I begotten you”:


Source: http://www.biblestudytools.com/parallel-bible/passage/


On Bro. Eli’s blog, referring to interlinear Greek translation of “begotten”, Greek text 1080 is translated as;




From a variation of G1085; to procreate (properly of the father, but by extension of the mother); figuratively to regenerate: – bear, beget, be born, bring forth, conceive, be delivered of, gender, make, spring.


Unacceptable to RCC followers, one self-claimed Greek expert contested Bro. Eli and accused him of Biblical Greek ignorance. He said Bro. Eli did not understand Greek word ἐγέννησα (egennēsa) and just only understand γεννάω (gennaō) of Greek Lexicon. According to this self-claimed expert, the Greek translation of the verse is:


Greek nT



Is Bro. Eli incorrect in using the Greek word “γεννάω (gennaō)”?

Or only the fault-finder mind thinks of it.


Referring to e-sword, http://www.e-sword.net/,




By pointing to G1080 to look for meaning of , it will shows,




Do we have problem on this?

Or again for the mind who only thinks is to bring the good man down – things are gone wrong always. Tsk. Tsk.

Lets back to this geek self-proclaim.

So what is ἐγέννησα (egennēsa) in Interlinear Greek New Testament?


interlinear greek1  1 cor 4.15


By clicking G1080,


interlinear greek2  1 cor 4.15


Let’s click G5656 now,


interlinear greek3  1 cor 4.15


What is an AORIST TENSE?


The aorist tense is characterized by its emphasis on punctiliar action; that is, the concept of the verb is considered without regard for past, present, or future time. There is no direct or clear English equivalent for this tense, though it is generally rendered as a simple past tense in most translations.

The events described by the aorist tense are classified into a number of categories by grammarians. The most common of these include a view of the action as having begun from a certain  point (“inceptive aorist”), or having ended at a certain point
(“cumulative aorist”), or merely existing at a certain point (“punctiliar aorist”). The categorization of other cases can be found in Greek reference grammars.

The English reader need not concern himself with most of these  finer points concerning the aorist tense, since in most cases they cannot be rendered accurately in English translation, being fine points of Greek exegesis only. The common practice
of rendering an aorist by a simple English past tense should suffice in most cases.


We are not an expert here but we know how to read.   Thanks to Mr. Google. Thanks be to GOD. Even they boast how good they are in Greek language, the concept of the Bible is still shaded to them. Their eyes are covered with veils unless they accept the light.



It is saddening that intellectual people as they claimed they are, is use by evil spirits to admonish the truth written in the Bible. It is very clear that we should not call any men as our spiritual father but only our Father in heaven. If we are true Christians, we should follow our Christ, he calls every man who do the will of God as brothers, sisters and mothers – never father.


Mat_12:50 For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother.



Now, it is up to us who to believe for our soul’s sake.


Catholic-apologetic spread lies again – Bro. Eli, MCGI is near end

October 17, 2014

So much of their fear and trembles in thinking their are decreasing in numbers, Hate blog of catholic-apologetic spreads lies again.

My reply to catholic-apologetic who hated Bro. Eli and MCGI.

October 17, 2014


As far as my memory serves me, the following are the charities MCGI involve with and continue doing with the help of God:

Clinic Ni Kuya

La Verdad Christian College for free-education

Mass Blood Letting



Action Center ni Kuya

UNTV 37 Rescue Team

Transient House

Home for the Aged/Senior Citizens

Home for Abandoned Babies

Bible Exposition/Mass Indoctrination


24/7 Community Prayer & broadcast

A Song of Praise

Tree Planting

Community Service /Clean-up Drive

Please visit this for more details: http://www.mcgi.org/the-true-church-of-god/charities/

With those charities mentioned above, I wonder why some such as catholic-apologetic Aloysius Kayiwa is blind to see these things-is he blinded by his false belief or he just opted to believe in hear-says and slack in verifying one’s accusation.

I was a catholic before and also felt bad about Bro. Eli Soriano the first time I heard him. It is quite he is attacking my belief, the Catholic faith where my families hold on to. I am furious with that man on television as I remembered watching him every night. But the good thing is, after I heard what he says and weighted as far as my morals is concerned, I found that he speak nothing but the truth in the Bible. I also remembered that I am not a Bible reader before, our Bible is just a display in the altar made by my father. And the rest is history, I am now a Christian, not only in lips but in spirit. Thanks be to God for His faith.

I learned how to love and to care to people, not only to those who love me but as well to those who do not show any compassion, enemies are may be. So how come this apologetic is shouting so much that we the MCGI-members shows no compassion to our fellow-men, for non-MCGI members? I think he is talking to himself and to his co-catholic members and he is just afraid to accept the truth that they are impliedly spreading hates not only to themselves, so much to non-Catholics. Their blogs speak what they are, they claiming the other way around.

If telling what were written in the Bible that affects their beliefs , the possibility is : once truth is speak out, lies are expose , and they felt bad about it and still embrace the belief even the Bible tells it is wrong, I think they are HARD-HEADED and ANTI-CHRIST. They do not want to listen to Lord Jesus Christ and what they want is to listen to a MAN (pope/priests) who delivers only man-made doctrines.


Understanding comes from God, this is undeniable, no one can contest. And God who made heaven and earth will not give understanding to wicked people, especially that of someone who will preach His words. So, that someone is not wicked and had chosen by God to understand and be His messenger to His people.

Whether they affirmed or not, understanding from God is given to Bro. Eli Soriano. And it is proven from the time he started his mission until now – the non-stop propagation of the gospel worldwide and the multiplying servants of God as result of his preaching is only partial evidence of prophecy of Christ.

And the understanding that the coming of Christ is near is no non-sense and not a tactic to spread fear to congregation or to people who had chance to listen to Bro. Eli’s preaching, but as part of the gospel is preparation for us to be more holy and vigilant.   This catholic- apologetic misunderstood our preparation to Christ’s near coming. For everybody’s information, MCGI members are not told by Bro. Eli nor Bro. Daniel to stop pursuing education or chosen profession just because the world is near to end. This is what the catholic-blog authored by Aloysus Kayiwa spreads in the net – LIES!

The truth is, MCGI-members are taught to stop loving and pursuing the material lust that this world is offer that may affect one’s salvation. It is the LUST of this world that we are encouraged to stop to pursue because the lusts of this world are not of to God of heaven but to evil. And that is God’s teaching so we follow.

Now, we are not surprised if someone like Aloysius will say Bro. Eli Soriano and the congregation is near to end – that was enemies’ prayer to their father-the devil. It is tantamount in saying stop doing goodness:

Stop preaching the word of God so that those blinded will not be enlighten anymore. Let be criminals increases their numbers and their victims as well.

Stop the mass blood- letting so that those who need blood to cure their illnesses be dead at once.

Stop giving free-medical, free-dental, free-ride, free-legal consultation to those who cannot afford so that they were be dead in tears.

Stop giving free-education to those who cannot afford but have will to survive poverty so that they will scattered in the streets and be counted as out-of-school people.

Stop giving free-transient home to homeless, senior citizens and abandoned children so that they will freeze in the middle of the night and be killed by madman.

Only devil do not want goodness. Are those who wanted these things to happen to Bro. Eli and MCGI devils’ advocate?

Yet, whoever desires to stop the goodness shows by Bro. Eli and MCGI to their fellow-men, God of the Bible has something to say:

Isaias 46:10 Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:

You cannot bring the good man down, so much God’s people and His chosen messenger.

Note: Originally posted as comment to: http://kotawinters.wordpress.com/2014/08/21/trembling-catholic-defender-warns-members-keep-away-from-bro-eli-soriano/#comment-7553


Sino ang babae sa Apocalipsis 12?

October 1, 2014

Sa paniniwala ng mga Catoliko-defensor tulad ni Atty. Marlwil Llasos na ang Assumption and coronation ni Maria ay Biblical,  ipinagpalagay nilang ang babae sa Apocalipsis 12 ay si Maria.


Apocalipsis 12: 1 At ang isang dakilang tanda ay nakita sa langit: isang babae na nararamtan ng araw, at ang buwan ay nasa ilalim ng kaniyang mga paa, at sa kaniyang ulo ay may isang putong na labingdalawang bituin;
2 At siya’y nagdadalang tao; at siya’y sumisigaw, na nagdaramdam sa panganganak, at sa hirap upang manganak.
3 At ang ibang tanda ay nakita sa langit: at narito, ang isang malaking dragong mapula, na may pitong ulo at sangpung sungay, at sa kaniyang mga ulo’y may pitong diadema.
4 At kinaladkad ng kaniyang buntot ang ikatlong bahagi ng mga bituin sa langit, at ipinaghagis sa lupa: at lumagay ang dragon sa harapan ng babaing manganganak na, upang lamunin ang kaniyang anak pagkapanganak niya.
5 At siya’y nanganak ng isang anak na lalake, na maghahari na may panghampas na bakal sa lahat ng mga bansa: at ang kaniyang anak ay inagaw na dinala hanggang sa Dios, at hanggang sa kaniyang luklukan.
6 At tumakas ang babae sa ilang, na doon siya’y ipinaghanda ng Dios ng isang dako, upang doon siya ampuning isang libo dalawang daan at anim na pung araw.



Si Maria nga ba ang nasa Apocalipsis 12?  At si Kristo nga ba ang batang lalaking ipinanganak niya?


Sa sulat ni Lucas, ito ang ating mababasa patungkol sa panganganak ni Maria:


Lucas 2: 1 Nangyari nga nang mga araw na yaon na lumabas ang isang utos mula kay Augusto Cesar, na magpatala ang buong sanglibutan.


2 Ito ang unang talaang-mamamayan na ginawa nang si Quirinio ay gobernador sa Siria.

3 At nagsisiparoon ang lahat upang sila’y mangatala, bawa’t isa sa kaniyang sariling bayan.

4 At si Jose naman ay umahon mula sa Galilea, mula sa bayan ng Nazaret, hanggang sa Judea, sa bayan ni David, na kung tawagi’y Bet-lehem, sapagka’t siya’y sa angkan at sa lahi ni David;
5 Upang patala siya pati ni Maria, na magaasawa sa kaniya, na kasalukuyang kagampan.
6 At nangyari, samantalang sila’y nangaroroon, at naganap ang mga kaarawang dapat siyang manganak.
7 At kaniyang ipinanganak ang panganay niyang anak na lalake; at ito’y binalot niya ng mga lampin, at inihiga sa isang pasabsaban, sapagka’t wala nang lugar para sa kanila sa tuluyan.


Kung sa panahon ni Agusto Cesar ipinanganak si Jesus, paanong sa Apocalipsis ay muli na naman siyang ipapanganak ni Maria?  At pagkapanganak ng babae, ang bata ay inagaw na dinala sa harap ng Dios, ngunit si Jesus na ipinanganak ni Maria ay lumaki at nangaral sa lupa bago pa siya bumalik sa langit.


Atty. Marlwil, heto na ang sagot sa tanong mo kung sino ang babae sa Apocalipsis 12, at kay Bro. Eli Soriano lang naman namin natutuhan ito.


Galacia 4: 22 Sapagka’t nasusulat, na si Abraham ay nagkaroon ng dalawang anak, ang isa’y sa aliping babae, at ang isa’y sa babaing malaya.
23 Gayon man ang anak sa alipin ay ipinanganak ayon sa laman; nguni’t ang anak sa babaing malaya ay sa pamamagitan ng pangako.
24 Ang mga bagay na ito’y may lamang talinghaga: sapagka’t ang mga babaing ito’y dalawang tipan; ang isa’y mula sa bundok ng Sinai, na nanganganak ng mga anak sa pagkaalipin, na ito’y si Agar.
25 Ang Agar ngang ito ay bundok ng Sinai sa Arabia, at ito’y katulad ng Jerusalem ngayon: sapagka’t ito’y nasa pagkaalipin kasama ng kaniyang mga anak.
26 Nguni’t ang Jerusalem na nasa itaas ay malaya, na siyang ina natin.


Ang Jerusalem na nasa langit, na malaya, ang siyang ina ng mga Kristiano.  At ang mga nalabi sa binhi ng babae ay inusig ng dragon.


Apocalipsis 12: 17 At nagalit ang dragon sa babae, at umalis upang bumaka sa nalabi sa kaniyang binhi, na siyang nagsisitupad ng mga utos ng Dios, at mga may patotoo ni Jesus:



Muli, ang paniniwala ng mga Katoliko patungkol sa Assumption at Coronation ni Maria ay walang basehang Biblical, gawa-gawa lamang.


Salamat sa Dios.