this unpleasant voice loves singing…singing praises to the Lord

February 17, 2012

I love singing. Yet, I have unpleasant voice. How do call it in english “sintonado”, out of tune!!

Yeah right, I was born with not so good singing voice. But everybody love to sing, right, despite of it. I remember trying out to be a choir member in our parish church when i was a catholic (I am not now). They laugh at me, when I sing. “That’s not singing”, they say. I am doing more on poeting hahaha than singing, cause I am out of tune. After that, ofcource what will I do, ok I am not good in singing, accept it. that’s the right thing I did, accepted it.

But, it seems we are born to be singers. Its Biblical, as Bro. Eli said to the congregation, one Thanksgiving Day. Angels in heaven were singing after God created all things. Angels sing too. So as we, regardless of voice, bad or good to the ear of our kind. But to God, Who created us, singing praises and thanksgiving to Him is a good thing.

So for those who say that my voice is just like a frog, sorry to disappoint you, but my singing is not for you to please but to my Creator, who loves me, even my singing is out of tune.


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