From Maong Pants to Long Skirt

February 25, 2012

I never thought that day will come I will dress long skirt that I hated ever since.  As ordinary girl, my usual attire before is t-shirt and maong pants,  I wear below-knee skirt only in school for its a requirement. When I enter college, I opt to change my green skirt to green pants for I am comfortable on it and no one disagree in our attire. (I do not know why because many  student ahead of me wear pants and not the regular uniform, skirt).

Simply because when you are in jeans, it is easy for me to walk, to run and to ride in a bus, unlike long skirt, it quite difficult.  Aside from the fact I am not a girly-type. I also thought I am a “tomboy” for I disagree on girly outfit.

But when I hear the doctrine about women’s attire in the Bible, taught by Bro. Eli Soriano, I immediately follow without hesitation.  Although uncomfortable at the start, I learn to manage myself on wearing it.  I think it is faith that lead me to carry the Christian dress without hesitation.  Because I heard there are people who continue not the indoctrination session because of wearing long skirt, they like it not.  But to Bro. Eli, if you wanted to be saved in the last day, you must follow even the smallest doctrine of Christ.

Wearing modest apparel is a doctrine of Members of Church of God International.  You can learn more by attending the ADD Mass Indoctrination.


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