Tax and Tithes: My Own View

February 25, 2012

Everytime I received my salary, I feel unhappy when I saw the figure in deduction side of my payslip, the W/holding Tax!  It almost 12% of my gross pay and it can buy a lot of house needs. I hate tax, that my first impression about it.  But come to think where it goes, ( I am thinking the good side that it goes in infrastructure of bridges, schools, hospitals, salary of government officials, etc) I felt less burden afterward.

So what the Tithes doing on the title? Again, it came to my brain that I am so lucky. I will explain, kindly bear to continue reading. (Thanks) Prior to my entrance to Members Church of God International, I am dumb (you heard it right) dumb in other religious practice and tradition, except catholicsm.  I heard tithing many times, I concerned not, so I  exert no effort to google it or ask about it.  I learned now that most religious organization specially those in abroad treated their members as milking cow.  Asking for the 10% of their income plus more monetary contributions. Organization in the Philippines are no exemption. Different calls they have aside from tithing.

The awful reality is that members of these organizations, having the faith that they doing goodness in sight of God, and hoping someday will enter the kingdom of heaven, they keep on giving tithes to their preachers, ministers , or pastor, unknowingly that tithing is not a commandment to Christians but to Israel. Tithes is their fare to heaven, but the vehicle and driver or the conductor who took their tithes is false.  Poor members, if they only knew that they were misled by their greedy pastors.

So as to Bureau of Internal Revenue, you are much better than those pastors who ask contributions from their members. And to members of these greedy pastors, time to go out, unless you love what their doing to you and play until the end of time as milking cow.


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