The Man Who Changed My Life

February 28, 2012

I begun to become worldly and started to try new things when I finished studies.  Yes I found pleasure in drinking wine and beer with my friends, going to disco and karaoke bar and seeing movies,  except prohibited drug and cigarette. I still thinking of my health I try them not.

I believe peer acceptance is a great factor in feeling of contentment aside from material aspect.  Although having a circle of friends of mine, I still felt that there is something missing inside of me.  I understand after I was in deep depression.

I grew in a family of catholic. My mother is a devoted one. My father is not so devoted, he went to the church (edifice) not so often.  I barely remember we had family talks or discussion, like the family in the movie I watched is doing.  I go to school, I do my own assignments, I do household chores, everyday, the same over and over again.  Never we talk about what ups and down about me or my siblings. In short my life is so boring, not so exciting. I wonder how the other families are doing, I envy of them sometimes.

When I finished my degree in college, I get a job immediately to support my parents and siblings. Thinking life will be good since I have my diploma, I am wrong.  Life is not that good in my own personal view.  I thought if you work hard with honesty, time will come you will paid satisfactorily. The more I learn the environment, the more I unsatisfied in my life.  The more Why’s generated in my brain and no one can tell why.  For me life is full of sufferings.  People tend to love only those who are rich and famous, and those unfortunate like me, like nobody.  My frustration increase everyday, no one to lean on. I focus o n religious life, and try other affiliation.  But none comforted me.

Until one night due to depression, I stay awake in middle of the night hoping the program in television will make me sleep. Only one is still on and I am not interested.  I always said to myself  I am a religious person and hate debate, hate condemning other religion, because I believe although we differ in religion, we praise and believe only One God.  I do not have choice but to stay tune on that program, Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path)  hosted by Bro. Eli Soriano.  Ear-aching and maddening the first thing I felt, but my curiosity on what he is saying arisen.  The topic he discussed that night is about idols of catholic whom we worship, put candles and pray on.

Second night is differ, for I felt I am longing to hear that preacher again, despite of anger I felt the night I heard him.  Yes, it is true that even I am Catholic fanatic, there’s many question in my heart.  And the feeling of contentment every time I spend my time on catholic edifice (simbahan) is none. When I closely watching Bro. Eli from that night and every night, I feel relieve. My queries and doubts are all answered by him.  I believe on what he said is true and Biblical, but I having this feeling not leave Catholicism yet.

And its been seven years  when I felt this kind of fear one night watching Ang Dating Daan Program.  The fear of death in life after.  He said in loud voice “Kapag nakasumpong ka ng mabuti, huwag ka ng magpatumpik-tumpik, huwag ng magpadelay-delay, kapag naksumpong ka ng mabuti gawin mo na agad….” After that, we look for nearest coordinating center and attend the mass indoctrination.  During that time, the indoctrination is 30 sessions equivalent to 30 nights.  Hindrances flooded but with the help of God,  I finished and got baptized on June 8, 2007,

And for Bro. Eli Soriano, the man who change my life, from nothingness to importance of it, serving thy Lord God with all my heart, the purpose of my life that ever since I asked to myself why I am here.  The first thing I learned in this fold is to give thanks to God in every thing that comes, whether good or bad.  Now, as of my writing, it is my four years and 6 months inside the fold, keeping the grace and peace from God. Hoping that someday, time will come I will see Him, together with the others who are serving Him with all thine heart and soul.

For the meantime, I am also longing to see the man, Bro. Eli, to thank him, hug him as my father on earth, who diligently lead us to Christ.#


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