The Man Who Changed My Life (2nd blog)

March 3, 2012

I thank God for having time to write despite of my vocabulary and grammatically predicament.  My fear to try dissolve eventually and my less guts to do this and that had fueled up, because of this “man”.  This man that many had ignore despite of the truthfulness coming from his mouth, is still vigorously preaching the word of God, amidst of persecution here and there.  Yes, he is the most persecuted and the most maligned preacher I know, humiliated in all aspects by his adversaries. The man whose heart wishes is to lead hungry souls, less fortunate and hopeless people in the world  to acknowledge God Almighty who created all things by following His commandments. And to believe Lord Jesus Christ, the first born, our redeemer, and will return to save us in damnation in last day.

Four years in the fold, the wisdom that he share to the congregation is priceless. Unequaled wisdom that no man can utter if not send by God Himself, yes, Bro. Eli Soriano is the man of God, who speaks the word of God, no more no less.  Many had tried to put him in shame, even to the most and devilish way of humiliation they made, but none of them succeed.  No one can defeat the man of God, simply because it is God who defend His man.  They may use the most corrupted mind in the country, but the Creator will not allow it, still the truth will shine just like the sun in the noontime.

The more Bro. Eli’s adversaries speak evil against him, the more Bro. Eli shines.  No one can put down a good person, you can’t put down Bro. Eli.


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