The Best Ginisang Monggo Ever

May 18, 2012

I did not eat my dinner that time as a prerequisite of that big event of my life, the day after that day, my baptism day in Apalit, Pampanga where ADD Central is located, and where baptism for near divisions took place.  With mix emotions, joy and unspeakable happiness deep within, I felt hungry than ever.

And it was lunch time, they said Bro. Eli Soriano usually prepares the food for the new brethren (newly baptized), like me. Although Bro. Eli is not around in central, for he need to left the country due to persecution of rival churches, the meal they prepare is still with Bro. Eli’s touched of love and care.  And one of the viand in the table is sauteed mung bean or “ginisang monggo” in Tagalog.   And truly speaking, it was the best sauteed monggo I ever ate in my whole life.  The ampalaya and the bagoong  that mixes the taste of bitterness and saltiness is perfect in my hunger. I requested for another saucer of ginisang monggo to the sister-in-charge who accommodating us.

The preacher that prepares everything for the brethren from material meal to spiritual food he shares to us every gathering is unequaled, and we are very proud of him he feed us in the right time, all the time.  If he give his best in this simple vias, like ginisang monggo, how much more in fulfilling his task as sent messenger of God.

I always be thankful to the Creator of heaven and Earth for sending this man to us.


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