Is it right to blame God for all mishaps in our life? Think again!

July 28, 2012

If I am one of them , I am surely hurt by Bro. Eli’s statement –

“I believe that the atheists, agnostics, and those who say they believe in God (but disobey Him) are the main cause of the evils and sufferings that affect human society. “

Who likes to be blamed in the first place? Even the person who did the crime and who is caught in the act do not want to, how much more to those who are committing crimes secretly and persons honestly believe that they are good and do no harm to their neighbors?

We, readers, for sure do not know what you had done in your life and what is your presently doing. (for both believers and non) We cannot tell either even we see you in action, for we cannot see your heart. People are smiling but inside he is sad. Just like people who do good things to show his goodness but at the bottom of his heart is envy, hate, etc – and that is Hypocrisy! You and God of the Bible only know of your thoughts.

What I see and understand today is differ from my views from old, the days when I heard not Bro. Eli’s preaching about God and His loving-kindness , justice and mercy. Just like many others who blame God for all the catastrophes happened previously prior to my entry in MCGI, I also asked “whys”. But later I realized after hearing and listening of his preaching , the words coming from the Bible, I understand everything whether bad or good in our sight have meaning, had a purpose.

God’s justice is differs from our justice system. God’s punishment is also differs from ours. As I have said, I understand from then on, that in everything that happened whether it be bad or good in our sight, there is a purpose and a lesson to be learned.

We are in latter times, the Bible speaks about it. Listen to Bro. Eli Soriano, try, as you had tried others.

I encourage everyone to read this article of the most sensible preacher of this time, Bro. Eli Soriano.

Its Not God’s Fault; Blame the Hypocrites!



  1. Sometimes, it is disheartening when some people become dismayed with God for not doing something about the evil things that happen around us. They instantly forgot that the “free will” they so constantly use and abuse is also the cause for all evil in this world. People are sometimes unfair.

  2. Yeah, kaya nga dapat marinig nila ang pagtuturo ni Bro. Eli, para malinawan sila at hindi nila sinisisi ang Dios sa mga hindi magagandang nagyayari sa buhay nila.

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