Can God commit sin?

July 31, 2012

If you want to know about God, His words, His church, His Son, Science and Bible, you do not need to go to men’s university to study theology, you just kindly follow the most sensible preacher of this time, Bro. Eli Soriano, and you will learn many things.

I was so amazed again upon hearing the answer of Bro. Eli in a question raised by a visitor in one of the many Bible Exposition he hosted. The question is “Can God commit sin?”.

Atheist always question the Scripture and the action of God towards men.  I think they better hear Bro. Eli first before they jump into conclusion.  I believe, these non-believer only heard from their previous affiliation or if not,  study the Bible by themselves,  or both, and by that, concluded that God is just man’s imagination.

In Bro. Eli’s blog, you will learned something that you never heard before.  Want to try? Start on this:

God-Inspired Prophecies about a Poor Nation and a Nobody Like Brother Eli

Happy reading.


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