A Kaizen Idea: A 10-Minute Bible Reading Every Morning

July 23, 2013

When “Kaizen” or “Continuous Improvement” has launched last month in our company, we were told to pass ideas that we think will improve production, performance, the company and oneself.  Well, actually, the last term “oneself” came from my mind – we as employee and human being must also improve right?!

So my idea for better improvement is very basic.  Improve first the person and everything will follow.  They may have many trainings and seminars available in the land but for me, the Bible will tell it all.  If I will be asked, I will suggest to listen to the Walking Bible, none other than Bro. Eli Soriano!

It may sound very religious to others, worst they may laugh at it once read, but improvement comes within, from heart.  Change your heart to better, it will reflect outside, action!  And action speak louder!

I hope the committees will approved my idea, actually it wasn’t  mine, somebody told me to write it on, I just follow.

The truth:

Employees have no time to read their Bibles kept at home.  And even their churches or fellowship attended do not spend much time in Bible reading,  mostly we will hear two or three verses and the rest is personal stories.  I think it is high time to listen to Scripture, to God.

As always thanks be to God to the opportunity.


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