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October 24, 2013


Thanks be to GOD!



August 31, 2011

The tagline that make me exclaimed “WWHHHAAATTTT????” According to GMA 7, they are the “House of Truth” (Tahanan ng Katotohanan, walang kinikilingan, walang pinoprotektahan,  servisyong totoo lamang), but is this claim for real?

The tagline itself “walang kinikilingan“, meaning even one is on truth side, they will not listen? “walang prinoprotektahan, meaning even a molested child or molested women, they will not be protected? “servisyong tooto lamang” how much did you earned everytime there were calamities wherein thousands of dollars and pesos is deposited on your account to help ‘those people’. For the reason to grab high ratings against other network, GMA 7 just did.  They just listen to LIARS and their manufactured lies, and protected the VICIOUS who had great influence and power.  I guess this is not an opinion only, but there were too many viewers who can tell their being bias and self-serving network.

And recently, one of leading newspaper in the country catered the very suspicious motive of GMA7 boasting and claiming that for the month of July and August, their ratings were set up high over ABS-CBN, long-time rival of channel7.  Very timely indeed that in August, the Members Church of God International, widely known as Ang Dating Daan, support the BOYCOTT of this channel as well as the other linked channel, QTV11. They already deleted the two channels on their TV programs. And campaign of boycotting is seen widely and increasingly over Tweeter and Facebook.  It also withdraws the attention of other news channels and broadsheets.  The claim is just another lies of GMA7.  Because in reality, their viewers is lessen everyday. Most of my neighbors were watching channel 2 and 5 in the morning, especially in evening.While MCGI and many supporters of Ang Dating Daan is watching UNTV 37! The real public service channel.

Here are some tweets from supporters of #boycottgmanews:

BroEliSorianoBrother Eli Soriano


my advice to clavio & gma7: at least investigate on what investigative journalism means & do your country a favor!have even a pinch of shame
kotawintersjane abao

So it is not surprising that GMA TV would also use the popularity of @BroEliSoriano to gather traffic. #boycottgmanews

The trend nowadays for people or groups who want to be known? Use @BroEliSoriano in anyway. Make it controversial the better #boycottgmanews

@gmanews Are you now losing revenues that you want to exploit the popularity of @BroEliSoriano to reeve up your figures?…

@gmanews Please tell your lazy researchers to ask us if you lack research regarding Daniel Veridiano. His victims can speak for themselves.

@gmanews @arnold_clavio Here’s more for your lazy researchers re Daniel Veridiano rapist case.…
@gmanews @arnold_clavio Here’s to introduce to you where you failed to do research. Serial rapist by admission.…
@gmanews How can we trust u? Here are the rape victims of Daniel Puto Veridiano, ur favored client. Walang kinikilingan?…
@gmanews Please do research first. Here are the rape victims of Daniel Puto Veridiano, ur client, talking.…
IralElmaniral elman


Why #boycottgmanews – Because GMA chose to replay Case Unclosed 2009 @BroEliSoriano inspite of questionable research. It’s Aug 2011!
JudeAbarquezJude Abarquez


if @gmanews really have the guts to say na sila ang network na walang kinikilingan, kunin ninyo ang side ni @BroEliSoriano at @DanielRazon.
iampurplelisticsheila gutierrez


Case Unclosed is BIAS!!! GMA 7 and GMA News TV 11 are worth boycotting!!! #BoycottGMANews @gmanews #CaseUnclosedBIAS

#boycottgmanews #boycottgmanews #boycottgmanews #boycottgmanews
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