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Isang Araw Lang Unity Run…I ran a total of

February 22, 2012

Just because I purchased not for a new pair of rubber shoes for this big event, I wear my 10-year old shoes. Imagine that, 10-year-old shoes, I do not know what  it made of and still wearable until today. My only problem is, it is not fit on my feet anymore, but I have no choice ‘coz it’s already January 22, 2012 and I have to run as my support to Isang Araw Lang Unity Run..Run for Education, held at Mall of Asia, Manila headed by Kuya Daniel Razon, the Vice-presiding Minister of  Members Church of God International.

As early as 5Am, we are in the venue with brethren of our locale.  I was so amazed to see many people, brethren and non-member of MCGI, more than I expected to see that day.  And the official number of supporters who ran that day is more than 209,000.

I am overwhelmed not because I ran a total of 8KM ( 3 kM my category run and 5KM the ceremonial run), but of brethren I saw to show their support to Kuya Daniels’ advocacy.  Brethren who is not that physically fit to run, I saw them wholeheartedly running and walking with a big smile on their face, ignoring their current physical stat.  I regret of not owning a camera, but anyway their photos/videos are already compiled by organizer for your viewing, thanks be to God! Here’s the link for your immediate viewing.

As for the proceeds….a two-story school building as support to DEPED Adopt-a-school Program. Aside from free computer laboratories given prior to this run.

This Run is so amazing.  I thank God for giving me a chance to run with my brethren and Bro. Daniel and Bro. Eli (in their place as well show their support), despite of my health problem.  And so for the shoes of mine, it gave me a painful finger (right foot) but tolerable I guess.  Thanks be to God for this wonderful advocacy of Kuya Daniel and Bro. Eli.#