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Bro. Eli and His Unequaled Wisdom sa Q & A Revelation TV

September 1, 2012

Ang claim nila, napahiya daw si Bro. Eli sa Revelation Tv kung saan kadebate niya si “Dr” Mcmurtry Gradey ng Creation Worldviews Ministry. Ipinakita nila ang dalawang tig-10 minutes na parte ng Episode ng Revelation Tv.

My comment:

I  just attended the 3-day Pasalamat sa Dios ng Buong Kapatiran, kaya I saw this just today. Anyway here is my comment:

Lately, these people headed by Abe A. believed and posted to this site a case of Bro. Eli Soriano, one of the materials used by INM, and now, they posted the revelation tv show (c/o youtube)and claiming “dr” grady defeated bro. eli, in your dreams maybe Mr. abe (lol). You are really sick Mr. Abe.  Spiritually sick! Have you watch the whole episode? Oh maybe you did not, you just chose some scenes just like these posted in your site and claimed that bro. Eli is defeated…Is he really defeated?? Or these two guys, grady and howard, had shown their illiteracy in Bible in front of tv?  Have you notice mr. abe how bias they are? they not even bother to listen to bro. eli’s explanation and what they did is to interrupt from time to time. First, they were bias in giving time to bro. eli to discuss the matter. Anyway, you will care not naman di ba whether the shows is bias or not?

Actually, I am glad you post this to your blogsite mr. abe, you had show to your followers the braveness and intelligence of Bro. Eli about the Bible by facing any pastors or claiming intelligent person like “dr” grady, (is he a doctor really?).

To all the followers of this blog, the full episode is availble at youtube, just search it. Yeah, see for yourself and judge who is really defeated and who shows ignorance in the Bible.  I believe, not all catholics are hard-headed like you Mr. Abe.

And mind you, maybe due to “INGGIT” you do not even bother to see the stand of this “Dr”. Grady, he believes in 6000-year earth existence, are you saying you also believe in such stupidity?

Mr. Abe, I will not expect good words from you, okay lang ‘yon, nasanay na ako, but I hope you change your mind about Bro. Eli Soriano and ADD. Have a nice day.

Hope my posts will be posted, not only here but also sa ibang blog title. Masyado namang matagal ang posting kasi. Thanks anyway.

2nd comment:

Bro. Eli believes that earth is created millions or billions of years and he gave the example of creation of diamond that takes million years while ‘dr” gradey is believing that earth is created for only 6000 years.

kaya naman anong pinagsasabi ninyo na hindi nasagot ni Bro. Eli ang tanong, sino kaya ang hindi nakasagot, samantalang scientifically and Biblically speaking napatunayan ni Bro. Eli na ang mundo ay created ng millions of years at hindi itong sinasabi ni Gradey who believe that earth is young.  Magbasa ka kasi Mr. Abe, Bibliya at Science journal.  Maninira ka lamang ng tao, tingnan mo muna ang gagamitin mong materyales. Una-una, mali ang manirang-puri ng tao, pero ginagawa ninyo pa rin.  Iyan ba ang itinuturo sa seminaryong pinanggalingan ninyo? tsk tsk tsk.

Please post this Mr. Abe, baka namn katulad ka rin ng host ng revelation tv na si howard, bias?

3rd comment

Howard asked Bro. Eli Soriano, kung kailan nagsimulang pumasok ang kasalanan at kamatayan, 6000 years ago ba or millions of years or billions ago ba?  Ang sagot ni bro. Eli Soriano, gross miscalculation ng edad ng humanity sa earth kung sasabihin 6000 years ago.

Roma 5:12 Kaya, kung paano na sa pamamagitan ng isang tao ay pumasok ang kasalanan sa sanglibutan, at ang kamataya’y sa pamamagitan ng kasalanan; at sa ganito’y ang kamatayan ay naranasan ng lahat ng mga tao, sapagka’t ang lahat ay nangagkasala:

According to Bro. Eli, the Bible is not a book of geneaolgy, but this Howard is believing that so, that’s why he also believe what gradey is believing. And he explain his part, as if he is the visitor na kailangan magexplain and not given the chance to Bro. Eli to explain why he said that the Bible is not a book of genealogy. And he jump to another question again, interrupt Bro. Eli when it his due time to explain, gave more time to gradey, and that was BIAS! Agree??? Maybe you will not agree it cares you not right?  You see Mr. Abe, you are using materials na wala sa hulog, although okay na rin to show this para may pakinggan naman nila ang sagot ni Bro. Eli kahit hindi siya binigyan ng enough time to discussed his side. Uulitin ko, Bro. Eli believed that earth is created not only 6000 years ago, but Howard and Gradey believed so. Ikaw Mr. Abe et al, anong pinaniniwalaan ninyo?

  1. mateopage Post author   July 12, 2012 at 12:06 am
    Until now, hindi pa nila pina-publish ang direct comments ko sa kanila (above), which I believed is more sensible dahil patungkol ito sa videong posted nila sa site. Very obvious kasi na they posted only iyong magbebenefit sila (akala lang nila yon), they have not bother to watch the whole episode of this Q &A. Allegation lang kasi ang alam ng mga magkakabarkadang ito.

Bro. Eli Soriano opposed Gradey’s belief, Biblically & Scientifically Speaking

July 9, 2012

Do you believe that earth is created for only 6,000 years? Gradey and Howard did! But not Bro. Eli Soriano. Please have time to watch the full episode of Q and A of Revelation TV with Bro. Eli Soriano.

Q & A with Bro. Eli Soriano @ Revelation TV Part 1, 1 of 6

Q & A with Bro. Eli Soriano @ Revelation TV Part 1, 2 of 6

Q & A with Bro. Eli Soriano @ Revelation TV Part 1, 3 of 6

Q & A with Bro. Eli Soriano @ Revelation TV Part 1, 4 of 6

Q & A with Bro. Eli Soriano @ Revelation TV Part 1, 5 of 6

Q & A with Bro. Eli Soriano @ Revelation TV Part 1, 6 of 6

Q & A with Bro. Eli Soriano @ Revelation TV Part 2, 1 of 6

Q & A with Bro. Eli Soriano @ Revelation TV Part 2, 2 of 6

Q & A with Bro. Eli Soriano @ Revelation TV Part 2, 3 of 6

Q & A with Bro. Eli Soriano @ Revelation TV Part 2, 4 of 6

Q & A with Bro. Eli Soriano @ Revelation TV Part 2, 5 of 6

Q & A with Bro. Eli Soriano @ Revelation TV Part 2, 6 of 6

I posted this because there are people in the net claimed that Bro. Eli is humiliated by “Dr” Gradey of Creation Worldviews Ministry by showing only partial scenes, but by watching the full episode, you will see who is humiliated and whose ignorance is exposed! If you knew Bro. Eli Soriano, you already know by this time who is telling the truth and who misinterprets the Bible.

Since, the revelation tv gave not enough time to discussed his points, Bro. Eli invited the public to investigate, and he wrote a blog about the creation of earth, The Antiquity of the Earth: Biblical or Scientific?

I know, many of us already knew who is Bro. Eli Soriano, his background and his advocacy in life.  We also knew that many of his detractors is doing their best to stop him and humiliate him.  His life to us is not a secret anymore.  But who among you knew who is Mcmurtry Gradey, who claimed himself  as scientific expert.