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@BroElisoriano Shortlisted in ShortyAward “Blogger” category

February 25, 2012

Biblical, sensible, educational, witty, truthful, with content, inspiring, gives hope, lots of wisdom from the scripture, sincere, logical and scientific, enlightening, powerful that changes lives, motivating, straightforward, truly sensational, knowledgeable and more.

Above describes the blog of the most sensible preacher of this time, none other than Bro. Eli Soriano, the presiding minister of Members Church of God International. He started blogging as extension of preaching and spreading the truth written in the Scripture to his fellow-men through internet, Bro. Eli keeps on posting blogs on his site despite of his very hectic schedule.

With his blogs, people who are interested in the word of God encounter sensible to read and to follow. His site opens additional gate to answer commenter’s queries and opposition on what he wrote. This is just another type of Bible Exposition for it answers so many questions and doubts.

Prior years, his blogsite bagged the “most educational to follow” category in Mashable Award. This current year, he is shortlisted in 4th Annual Shorty Award in “blogger” category. Shorty award honors the best people and organizations on Twitter and social media. Shortlisted his wordpress at 5th place with 538 votes, leaving the 1700 plus nominees behind, Bro. Eli will be awarded on March 26, 2012.